Creating posters, stickers and books from online photo albums

The ongoing boom in social networking means most of us are far more connected than ever before, and a brief browse of online photo albums can offer a cheerful reminder of this newfound popularity. But when the computer is off, Social Print Studio can provide the analogue equivalent to the online album.

The site creates posters generated from Facebook friends’ profile pictures, Facebook photo albums, Twitter followers, and even Tumblr accounts. Alternatively, these same pictures can be printed as stickers or turned into albums. Taking the idea one step further, Social Print Studio recently collaborated with social media blog Mashable, wallpapering an entire wall of their New York office using fans’ Facebook profile pictures, thereby creating the “world’s largest real-life Facebook wall”.

With an iPhone app in the pipeline, and a spin off photo-sharing website hoping to rival sites such as Pixable, the next few steps for Social Print Studio may be back into the digital world they draw upon. But for now, Social Print Studio’s real-world products offer a simple and compelling reminder of users’ online popularity. (Related: Animated photo printing for everyone — New instant print kiosks — Have phone, will print)


ik weet niet of er toekomst in zit maar het is leuk om te maken.


dat mensen lekker creatief kunnen zijn



Het is leuk dat je posters kunt maken van allemaal foto’s die je hebt en daarmee kunt samenvoegen tot een grote poster. Het is zoiets als een poster waardoor alle kleine foto’s een grote foto gevormd word.


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